Abortion Information France

Abortion is legal in France up until the 12th week of pregnancy (14th week after your last period) and is practiced using both surgical and medical techniques.
• Limited to those 5 weeks (7 weeks since period) pregnant or less
• Carried out in three steps
• First appointment where you are given the 1st medication which causes the embryonic sac to detach
• 36-48 hours later you are given a medication to induce muscle contractions to expel the contents of your uterus
• 36 to 48 hours later you must return to ensure that the procedure is complete
o In all the procedure takes up to 5 days to complete

• carried out using vacuum aspiration
• available up to 12 weeks pregnancy
• under local or general aesthetic depending on your preference
o requires hospitalisation for several hours


Medical abortion costs €257 in hospital and €190 in a clinic. Surgical abortion with a local aesthetic costs €190. When a general anaesthetic is required the cost is €240. The additional cost is due to the extended hospitalisation. In some cases 24 hours hospitalisation is required and in this case the cost is €275.

Downsides and pitfalls

One of the downsides of abortion in France is that there is a mandatory period of reflection of 1 week from first contact with a doctor to the beginning of the procedure. This means that if you seek a medical termination you must remain in France for 13 days (7 days for a surgical procedure). This period is reduced to 2 days in cases of emergency.

Some departments (regions) are reluctant to offer abortion services to people who are not normally resident in France although most are happy that you sign a declaration saying you intend to stay in France after the termination.

You must satisfy a counsellor that a termination is really what you want. This can be tricky if you don’t speak fluent French as not all of the doctors you encounter will speak English. The doctors are quite reticent to sign the permission for the procedure if they are not sure that you understand the procedure and are sure its what you want and this is difficult if there is a language barrier. Finding an English speaking clinician is tricky as the keeping of lists of English speaking doctors is not permitted by the body that regulates doctors in France.


http://www.planning-familial.org/AssDep/index.php this link provides the contact details of the planning-familial (equivalent of IFPA) by area. Larger cities are more likely to have English speaking doctors and are more likely to provide services to women not normally resident in France. The easiest thing is to pick a few of the larger cities

Getting there

Check the relevant websites for details however this is a brief summary of who flies where:

• Paris (Beauvais – ryanair, Charles de Gaulle Aer lingus)
• Nantes (ryanair)
• Biarritz – ryanair
• La Rochelle (ryanair)
• Rennes (AL)
• Nice (AL)
• Bordeaux (AL)
• Lyon (AL)
• Toulouse (AL)
• Marseille (AL)

• Paris (Beauvais – ryanair, Charles de Gaulle Aer lingus)
• Nantes (ryanair)
• Biarritz – ryanair

• Nice (AL)
• Paris (AL)