Crisis Pregnancy and Abortion Information

This website has been set up by pro-choice activists to provide Irish women information about abortion services in the UK and Europe. Abortion is illegal in Ireland and because of this thousands of Irish women travel to the UK every year. The Irish Government, under the 1995 Information Act, severely restricts Irish people's access to information about abortion services abroad. Abortion information is only legally obtainable as part of face-to-face counselling. It is illegal for a doctor to refer a patient to a clinic in Britain, even if her health is at risk. We believe that the 1995 Information Act should be deleted in order that women can obtain information easily and with anonymity.

You will find links at the foot of this page directing you to information on abortion services in the UK and mainland europe.

Choosing to have an abortion is a very difficult and emotional decision for a woman to make. If you are in a crisis pregnancy situation, you have the right to consider all the options available to you - parenting, adoption and abortion. We are not advocating that women experiencing unplanned pregnancies should have abortions. We are simply providing information that can help ease the stress and emotional strain the Irish government inflicts on Irish women by not making information easily available. We have no connection with any of the groups, organisations, companies, clinics etc. listed on this page.

Before you make any decision, consider all your options....
If you, a friend or family member is in a crisis pregnancy situation the following agencies can offer you advice and counselling. The 3 organisations listed below offer non-directive counselling sessions which means that they will talk openly about all the options available to you - adoption, abortion and parenting.

Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA)
Centres located in Cork, Dublin, Galway and Limerick.
Phone: 1850 495051

Dublin Well Woman Clinic
Phone: 01 8728051 (Lower Liffey Street)
Phone: 01 6609860 (Ballsbridge)
Phone: 01 8484511 (Coolock)

One Family
Dublin based. Ph 1890 66 22 12 or see their website

Be Aware:

If you wish to receive information on abortion during crisis pregnancy counselling, you should ask when making the appointment if the agency will provide this information. Some agencies such as CURA and LIFE do not provide abortion information and do not refer to agencies who do.

Several groups around the country operate “rogue counselling agencies” which intimidate and lie to women in order to prevent them seeking a termination. One way to avoid such agencies is to use a service listed by the Crisis Pregnancy Association: . You should also avoid any agency which does not list its address on an ad in a directory.

When attending any agency - be wary if anyone :
• Tries to separate you from the people you are with
• Tries to make repeat appointments or ultrasound scans
• If the staff refuse to give you information about abortion abroad
• You are asked to watch videos about abortion
• You are asked to undergo an ultrasound or any other medical procedure

NAMES TO AVOID! : There are three known rogue crisis pregnancy agencies in Ireland. One is the "Women’s Resource Centre" (WRC) operating from 50 Upper Dorset street, Dublin 1. This also advertises under the names "Abbey Women's Centre", “A Choice for Women” and “British Alternatives Pregnancy Service” and has outreaches around the country. The Majella life crisis pregnancy counselling agency (aka "Ask Majella") operates from various locations in Limerick. In Waterford, an agency operates under the name "Alternative Options".

The list above is not exhaustive. These agencies can and do continually change their names to avoid detection.